GWW Miri Sarawak

The beautiful coastal city on the island of Borneo known as Miri experienced the joy n enthusiasm of the Good Will Walk today. In conjunction with the arrival of David Atthowe of the Nomadic Lion who has been walkingborneo‬ 2500km‬ the Gurdwara Sahib Miri hosted us with the power of the sangat not forgetting the lovely cha n pronthay at the end of the 6.8km scenic unity walk. All races joined in as we walked past a lovely mosque n church, stopped over at the beach for some cool pics n bumped into the assistant Sports Minister of Sarawak along the way. A rainforest Ranger called Simon Sunday who cycled 120km a day for 15 days tip to tip of Borneo also chanced upon us n decided to spread the good will n walk with us. A big big thank you to the Miri Gurdwara sangat for donating rm 2041 for the Kashmir Flood victims. Recognising the human race as one we express gratitude to the Almighty for bringing us all together in the spirit of sarbat da phalla..goodwill to all.