KUALA LUMPUR: Following the devastating floods that hit the northern region of Malaysia, in what many label as the worst natural disaster that has hit our shores at the back end of last year, it was a gargantuan task to get vital necessities like food and water to the folks that were stranded there.

One such aid organisation: The Malaysian food bank organisation in collaboration with the United Sikhs Malaysia Humanitarian Aid Organisation faced an uphill battle just to get volunteers, supplies and the necessary transport to reach out to the victims of the flood.

Through this hardship and struggle, the Good Will Walk 2015 was formed. It is an initiative that will see 10 committed humanitarians walk a whopping 750km journey that will begin from the northern most tip of Peninsular Malaysia in Kampung Wang Kelian, Perlis right down to Malacca.

Malaysian Foodbank Organisation director Rishiwant Singh Randhawa who is also known as the Flying Singh said the purpose of this walk is to help raise RM3.6million in funds and 200 tonnes of food for the organisation.

“The food and funds that we raise will be used for any disaster that crops up or anywhere that needs humanitarian works. At least with these reserves, when a disaster or a need for humanitarian aid arises, we will be ready to go at a moment’s notice instead of always having to scramble for funding and food,” he said.

Rishiwant will also be walking with humanitarian Zhariff Afandi. Afandi was born without hands but has signed on to walk and lend the metaphorical helping hand to those less fortunate than he is.

Zhariff has been actively involved in humanitarian work, from the 2004 Tsunami in Aceh to the Kelantan floods last year.

“I will doggedly walk for the homeless to help them,” he said.

The core group will walk the full distance in a span of 35 days and they are urging the public to join them and donate anything that they can.

“We are urging the public to join us in the walk, even if they pledge and donate just 1km it will be good,” said Rishiwant.

He said that they will be accepting donations in cash and kind.

“Even if the public want to donate a bag of rice or some water, they can donate and walk with us even for just 1km,” he added.

Rishiwant said this is also a great way that Malaysians from all walks of life can get together to foster unity among one another for a good cause.

“Although the food and funds are important, we also want this to be a walk that will unite people, that will unite Malaysia,” he added.

The walk will commence on April 19 and will see the walkers reaching Malacca on May 23.

Source: http://www.thesundaily.my/news/1387608